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    [For Sale] Selling Great Designs [Hosting/Voice/Gaming]

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm currently selling a few designs that I really need to get rid of, and looking for some offers.

    All Designs Come with,
    -PSD files so you can edit.
    -Exclusive Unique Rights - They will only be sold ONCE, and you may resell it or do whatever you wish to.
    *These designs are not coded.

    #1 Web Design - Gaming Network, Great for people who are looking to sell gameservers.

    Min: $50 BIN: $125

    #2 Hosting/Voice Combo- Voice Chat/Web Hosting Two Different
    Themes. You get both with purchase.

    Voicechat: Main Subpage One Subpage Two
    Web Hosting: Main Subpage

    Min: $50 Bin: $125

    #3 VoiceHosting - Simple Voice Hosting, good for people starting a Voice Hosting company.
    Main Subpage

    Min: $10 Bin: $20

    The previews are not the actual size of these designs. You would need to contact me to see a full preview.

    Payment via Paypal

    Thank you.

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    I am interested in your template #2, can you let me know what your msn is or add me to msn [my msn is: tang_tang [@]]



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