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    Looking for VPS servers in various locations

    Does anyone know of any vps providers that have vps servers in de/nl/fr/us/no/se/fi

    I'm looking for roughly the following specifications:

    hdd:10 GB
    ram:128 MB
    bw:100 GB

    The only catch is that the network must be stable, - and allow irc (one ircd process for a network of roughly 200 people).

    The lower the price, the better.

    Any suggestions are welcome

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    European Union

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    Exactly the specifications you requested and RAM is burstable to 1GB. €14.95 p/m with a €5 setup cost.

    There is a very large choice of OS and it comes with the HyperVM interface for your VPS management and the LXAdmin HIB interface for web hosting, which uses under 10MB RAM while idle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malcarada View Post
    Gandi hosting is still in beta, and according to quote by users, it's a VERY bad service at the moment. I heard that it took hours to simply stop and reinstall a VPS, and that you don't even have the root by default. Also, the interface seemed not good, according to these users. Note that this has been discussed on the french newsgroup F.R.I.H.

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