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    Problems with current shared hosting, may need to upgrade - need help!

    Hello there! I've been using Lunarpages for quite a few years now. They have worked great for me, up until the last year or so... when my website began to get quite a bit more popular.

    It seems that now-a-days I just get my account suspended occasionally for using too RAM. Now, I understand why they would need to do that, of course, and I harbor no hard feelings toward them.

    However, with my website now fetching about 6000+ unique visitors a day, I feel like I have a responsibility to keep my website up!

    This latest temporary suspension was due to "attaining over 250 simultaneous apache connections and, in turn, was using, on average, ~30% of the entire server's RAM memory." They went on to quote some logs, of which there were REPEATED occurrences of one particular IP trying to download a file:

    28-0 17086 0/1/1 _ 0.06 307 304044 0.0 0.07 0.07 GET /brushes/downloads/images/ HTTP/1.1

    Lots of those. Lots. Not even sure what would cause that.

    I use a script to count the number of downloads per file, which then redirects them to the file for downloading. I've been very happy with it, and while I know that there are other ways to count file downloads... this has worked out really well for me. I can certainly switch to something else, however, if this script ends up being the problem.

    I guess I have a few questions, really. The first one would be, if I were to disable this script... that seems like it would certainly lighten the load on the server, right? So that it's not having to count the download and then redirect to download the file? I'm not even sure if this is significant enough to make a difference, though. I don't know much about this stuff. That file that I mentioned above wasn't even one of the ones that I am using the download count script to count! It was merely a direct link. How could a direct link be called over and over again simultaneously by one user? I really don't think there is anything I could have done to cause this.

    I've got a Lunarpages ticket open, and am talking with them about this... but with an hour and a half between tickets, I'm getting antsy. So I thought I'd post something to try to figure all of this out.

    My other questions are dealing more toward the future. I know that if my website continues to grow at the rate that it has been, I'll be needing to upgrade to something else soon enough.

    VPS or dedicated hosting... VPS seems like it's one step up from shared, and not quite at the dedicated hosting level, is that right? Can anyone suggest a good host for either of these? I may just stay with Lunarpages, but I would like to know other people's opinions of that, and if there are better options for me.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions that anyone has, so that these questions can be answered! Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I dont really think the script would be a huge part of the problem, all though taking it off might lighten the load just a tad bit.

    Actually, a step up form shared is reseller, but its all still shared if thats what you were meaning i apologize. A Vps is a step up because you have full root access and can stop and restar services, compile your own things onto it etc. Or you can get managed vps hosting so they do it. Then yes its dedicated after that one.

    Im sure i missed some important questions, all though i tried to answer the 2 that stuck out. If i missed something you need to know tell me ill make sure to answer.
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    I already have what is probably a "reseller" account. Lunarpages calls it a Business account, and it allows me more bandwidth, etc. Yet that still seems not to be enough!

    I don't really need all the other stuff that VPS and dedicated servers come with, I don't think. I mean, I basically want what I have now... without the temporary suspensions because I've gone over my allocated RAM usage.

    VPS would probably be the way to go, then, hmm?

    Also, I was doing a bit more researching, and I may have to post on an Apache forum of some type... because if the problem came from just this one IP address, there has GOT to be a way to block multiple requests from a single IP address over the space of, say, 5 seconds.

    Thank you VERY much for your reply, Jerrod. I appreciate it.

    It seems like what I need the most is bandwidth or RAM usage, I guess. I don't even have 1GB worth of files on there. So I don't need a huge storage area, just some hosting that can support me having 150-200 users on at any given time. (Although they won't all be downloading simultaneously in most cases)
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    VPS would probably be the way to go, then, hmm?
    If your site's been using 30% of the memory of LP's server, that's probably well over 1GB usage. You'd need a really beefy VPS for that.

    because if the problem came from just this one IP address, there has GOT to be a way to block multiple requests from a single IP address over the space of, say, 5 seconds.
    You could block that IP for good. Log in cPanel and look for the IP Deny Manager. Block the IP, talk with Lunarpages, and see how things go.

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    The "30% of the memory" problem has been just this one time. This website has been up for about 5 years, and I've never had a problem like this before. I was using too much bandwidth once, and that's when I upped to the Business Plan. But since then (over a year ago, maybe two), I've had no trouble until now. That... and it being from just that one IP makes me think this is a strange, isolated occurrence.

    I will definitely look into blocking that IP, though! Good idea, thanks. I'll still look around for a way to prevent this from happening again in the future, however. I know there's plugins for blogs that can do exactly what I was describing (limiting the number of simultaneous requests from a certain IP), but I'll have to find something that I can incorporate into a "normal" webpage. I'm sure I can, though.

    Thanks so much!

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    If it seems that it is only one IP that is causing the problems, just block them. You can do this through the .htaccess.

    I am feeling that your site will continue to grow. With the current crop of visitors it seems you are running into resource usage issues. Many people say a VPS is the step up but as an alternative, quality shared hosting often is better than a VPS counting bang for the buck and ease of use.
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    Agree with imountain's comment. I would go one-step further and mention that semi-dedicated packages are often a better alternative to VPS plans.

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    Great! I will most definitely look into both of those. utropicmedia, do you have a host that you would suggest for that kind of thing? Or several of them?

    One of my problems is a lack of knowledge about the various web hosting providers, really. I didn't need to know much about that when my website had 100-1000 visitors a day. But now that it's surpassing 6000, it looks like I'm going to have to learn.

    I've looked for various threads on the matter, but they all seem to be focusing on basic shared hosting. I've never even heard of semi-dedicated packages. I'll certainly Google it, but thought if you had any recommendations, I'd appreciate hearing them.

    Thanks again to everyone!

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    114 has semidedicated packages that are very good. I am running on them right now and have had no problems with my site that is running just about what yours is running. Around 6000 visitors a day upwards to 15000.

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    Perfect, thanks so much.

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    VPS is a great solution. Unfortunately, people just don't seem to get it.

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    Yeah I think too, you need VPS now. There are lists of top webshoting company compiled in sites around, google them and you will see and compare them. Then give them a call, so you will see how friendly and professional their supports are, and how surely & quickly they will response once you encountered problems. Good luck.

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