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Thread: colo in MD/DC ?

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    colo in MD/DC ?

    anyone know of any providers that colo in Maryland or Washington DC?

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    45 is in McLean, VA... but don't know if they offer colo. They do offer dedicated hosting.


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    servint.. verio... minerva

    I have had experiences with three datacenters here.

    Servint.. I took a tour last week. I was impressed.
    They don't sell space by the server but can hook you up with a rack and have a minimum 2MBps bandwidth requirement. (Mclean)

    Minerva .. I'm slowly moving my servers from here to Servint and Verio.. Not bad service, but way to expensive (Chantilly)

    Verio .. Hehe All i can say is "WOW" if you want to go for half or quarter rack with us, call me. I'm waiting to fill up at Servint and then move my enterprise customers here. (Sterling)

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