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    Web hosting marketing

    Do you ever wonder how best a web hosting company starter can start marketing there website?
    There has been alot of tips and but not efficient enought.
    Can anyone out there suggest or create ebook on this topic?

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    You can always find forums like this, and find places that do Advertising for each hour and then pay for that time.

    Hope this helped you.

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    Advertising for your web-hosting company is not much different from advertising for any product. Same principles apply. Get your message out to the people, however you can (some methods are more effective than others). Find a sub-section of the population that could be potential customers, and place your advertisements in front of their eyeballs.
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    Amy is spot on, the global market is too big, concentrate on a sub section you can target and target well. It will then allow you to grow outwards.

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    Good info Amy!
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    If you have a specific niche (for instance geographic) SEO is the most cost effective method. For instance we are based in Shanghai and provide web hosting in China, after a couple of months of SEO (we are actually a SEO company, web hosting being a value added service) we were able to get top 10 Google/Yahoo/MSN rankings for "X web hosting" and other declinations, with X=China, Shanghai and other major Chinese cities. It's by far our most important source of leads. | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
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    You should definitely try to market a specific thing that your company offers that would stand out.

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    Think of marketing basics, i.e. the "4 P's" -- product, price, place, promotion. Add to that a unique element that sets you apart from your competitors. Build up customer loyalty to encourage referrals, which are a big part of generating new business and building a loyal customer base.

    There are a lot of marketing materials out there if you do your homework. But if you want the basics, think of yourself as your customer. What would you do in order to get yourself to buy hosting from you?
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    plz give more details ... it is helping lot of us here

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    I dont think there is a specialize company who does marketing only for web hosting companies.
    If anyone has one, can you please post it here?
    Fine SEO is ok but it take a longer time to yield and also you can only calculate ROI .

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    Brand awareness is going to be your biggest marketing tool.

    Who hasn't heard of Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft? Even my grandparents have heard of them. They are everywhere, on the news, in the newspapers, billboards, etc.

    Mind you, this is going to be VERY expensive. So dig deep into your pockets.
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    The best way to market a host is always to target a niche. If you are niche-targeted, it is much easier to attract customers, and your margins are much higher.
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    Start a Google Ads account - you don't need to spend a lot of moneyl; just test the water first, also the Analytics tool is free and gives pretty meaningful stats.

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