My name is Derek and I have been a sys admin, server/site admin and webmaster and various other related fields for over 10 years.

Detailed skills:
- I ran my own hosting company for over 2 years (Thunderhost.biz), so I have experience both with tech/customer support and site admin type work. I had over 100 customers at one point, so I can manage a large customer base.
- Experienced with Kayako and various other help desk software and have strong customer service skills. Can work with various web panels, including CPanel.
- I have knowledge of web technologies, including Zend, Flash, MySQL, etc. and can manage web servers and monitor usage for illegal activity.
- I have been a programmer and developer for over 7 years, formerly owning Stormcloud Creations, a strategy game dev company covered in computer game mags and sites and current owner of startup site MindToy Games www.mindtoygames.com.
- Graphic/Logo designer for over 8 years, portfolio can be viewed at this link (logos are small and lower quality to make graphic load faster: http://home.comcast.net/~stormcreations/port.jpg
- I have a strong command of the English language, and am an excellent communicator, both written and spoken.
- I have a full home office, including fast broadband connection and fast computer, and e-mail I can check any time of the day.

Salary/Pay: With my experience, I have no interest in commission only jobs or "hosting only" jobs. I need steady monthly/weekly/bi-weekly income. I can accept checks/PayPal or however its convenient for you. I can even accept credit cards. Salary can be negotiated depending on responsibilities required.

You can message me here or e-mail me at: [email protected] with any questions or offers.

Thank you and have a great day!