I've been reselling for a well-known company (who shall remain nameless) for a few months now, but I'd like to start colocating locally (we have a local datacenter and their monthly recurring charges are comparable to what I'm paying now).

My question is: what do I need to get started? I'm looking into a 1U system so any advice on what components are necessary would be greatly appreciated (i.e., what else besides hdd with redundancy, cdrom, floppy, memory, nic, and cpu). Did I read something in these forums about 1U's needing extra attention with cooling?

I'll be using Redhat 7.3 as the OS. Is anyone using RH right now and if so, should I be looking out for anything in particular?

One thing of interest to me is the control panel. I'm not really looking to make it possible for users to create/maintain their own accounts so I'm not sure I even need a control panel. IOW, I don't mind manually creating all the accounts and maintain them myself if I only knew how to create multiple domains, etc, in Linux (new territory for me).

If using a control panel is absolutely necessary, which one is the most popular. I've been to Ensim's site, Plesk's site and Cpanel's site. Judging by their forums, I'm not really impressed with any.

I've looked at some GNU control panels. Some look promising. Is anyone using one of those?

How does one handle the DNS in a colocating environment? Are new domain entries handled by the control panel? If not, is there something for the linux world that's easier than Bind?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'm getting closer to making the move. Should have asked these questions some time ago, but I only found this forum a few minutes ago.