Interested in sending customers to the service? Want to get paid for your referrals? Sign up for our affiliate program and we will pay you a residual monthly commission for every account you refer. That's right, when you refer an account, we will pay you a commission every month the account is open.

Our tracking software is state of the art and keeps track of everyone you send to us for over a year so if they sign up a few months down the road, you will still get credit for the sale.

Earn a 20%* commission ongoing on the monthly rental fee when you refer a client who signs up for this total web solution package with

* Increased commission levels will be awarded to high performing affiliates.

Affiliate Pay Level 20%* of the Unit Price (ongoing)
2nd Tier Pay Level 10%

You refer an affiliate who sells 4 hosting packages his first month. The packages are priced: $16.95, $24.95, $42.95 and $19.95, totaling $169.96 in sales.
The affiliate you refered will earn $20.95 that month for his commission (20% of $104.80).
You earn a 10% commissions on all of the sales made by the affiliate you refered. In this case, that is $10.40. (10% of $104.80)
If these custoemrs remains with us for just 1 year, you will earn this commission 12 times, once each month, earning you a total of $124.80 from the referral of just one new affiliate!

Affiliates will receive payment via They can collect their commission whenever they choose, as long as the account has reached $50. Money will pile up in no time, and affiliates hardly have to do anything

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NOTE: This illustration is for the purpose of providing an example only. In no way is this intended to give any perception or suggestion that you will make this much money. Every case will be different and while we fully expect some people to make much more than this example, we also expect the
others may make much less. No level of income is guaranteed, promised or even implied. Only you can determine how much money you will make with this, or any other affiliate program offer.