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    CS New Media any good?


    Is CS New Media Web Hosting ( any good reliability wise? I like their spec. I have searched the forums but have not seen anything.




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    If you can't find something about a certain host via the forum it may mean that they're fairly new in the game. You may also try searching google to see what you can find on them.
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    With CS New Media it seems to depend what product you buy from them. I've been with them for about 5 years and had accounts on server5 (reseller), server6 (reseller), server18 (shared) and server21 (reseller).

    My sites on server5 generally run very well with few problems, as do the 2 or 3 sites I manage on server18. However, server6 seemed slower by comparison, and server21 seems to have multiple stability problems, which I'm really getting fed up of after using it for a year.

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