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    * Please evaluate my VPS setup

    I am getting started with VPS and I bought the cheapest VPS package from lylix. It has 4GB storage/50GB bandwidth/100 Mbps connection/128MB RAM. Now I am planning to run asterix software, mySQL, Apache web server, SMTP and POP applications on the same server. Initially I guess I will receive about 1000 users/month on the website. Is my present VPS configuration enough to handle the above mentioned usage smoothly? If not please advise.

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    About how many minutes a month of traffic do you expect? Based on Astericks base estimate 10,000 mins a month is about 12GB of bandwidth. Not sure about 128mb of RAM though (it could work fine for all I know but the couple of people I know who have done this used 256mb VPS's).

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    Nnyan, my traffic will be much less than 10,000 minutes/month, say 4000 minutes/month.

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    Asterisk will run fine on that. You may want to consider running something other than Apache though to conserve resources.
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