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    $69/month Slackware Linux Dedicated Servers

    We have a few low-spec Slackware Linux-based servers currently available. Great for DNS or other low-traffic requirements. Visit:

    for the details.

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    Unlimited bandwidth - your server has its own dedicated Internet feed!

    Low traffic is required, but you're offering unlimited?

    So how much CAN i use?

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    Well, i don't work for the company or anything, but when I *read* the offer, it said that it has a dedicated 128kbs connection.


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    yeah it seems like an unmetered package, not unlimited.

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    Looks like a good offer. Nice to see Slackware

    What specs for the server?

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    Thanks for all the replies. We still have a few of the following configuration available: AMD K6-2 300mhz with 64mb RAM and 4gb hard drive, unmetered 128kbs connection. It's not state-of-the-art, but it works well for DNS or any situation where you don't need huge bandwidth.

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