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    Voipraider Rips you OFF!

    Watch out!

    These guys are scammers. They list a lot of countries as "Free destination", you buy credit and when you call one of these countries you are charged for every single minute of your call.

    It happened with me when I called New Zealand, Canada and Brazil, which are "Free Destinations". Tried to contact them three times and these swindlers never replied.

    Never gonna see my money again!

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    Are you sure they charged you for termination and not just for origination?
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    There's a small catch on their service fees: in fact you don't pay a per minute rate for the countries listed as free destinations.

    But you'll be charged something they call a connection fee, which is a one-time charge applicable if the call completes.

    If you only make short phone calls to these destinations it can end up being more expensive than actually paying on a per minute basis...

    Another thing to keep in mind is they do limit the maximum duration of each phone call. I used to be a customer and every time I was getting close to 10min the call would simply drop.

    So even though this price policy is stated on their web site, you would have to read carefully the small letters to realize the catch.

    I wouldn't recommend them neither.

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