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    asterisk question

    Hi all

    I would like to install asterisk in a vps.

    If I install a2billing I can create sip users and all basic asterisk setup or I must install other control panel?

    My question is if a2billing is all I need to basic asterisk manager (and billing of course ) .


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    I have A2Billing installed on an OpenVZ system and find that having FreePBX necessary for working with the SIP extensions and such. Of course there are other control panels you can use, plus you can use the CLI commands if you like as well. However, I think you will find just using A2Billing fairly limiting when it comes to Asterisk setup and control. I think A2Billing, FreePBX, and Asterisk would be a good combo to start.

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    a2billing should be able to handel you sip ext need

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    how many calls are u planing to push simultaneously on your pbx? and how many channels your vendor have for u?

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    Have you looked at Elastix?

    That has a built in billing module. I know that there are vps providers that offer this, if you cannot install it in yours.

    Good luck.
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