We are currently on stage 4 of designing our new business hosting automation suite which will be a nice replacement for the likes of cpanel, alabanza, plesk etc. To give you an idea. Our solution is fully automated with billing features like alabanza's, but with thorns features like Cpanel has, however unlike cpanel is written in Common LISP. We have what we think will be the culmination of a solid backend, but now here comes our dilemma.

We need EXPERIENCED control panel frontend designers or developers to come up with a frontend design and integration with the backend. Basically you will work with our inhouse programmers to integrate both aspects of this software -the backend and the frontend. We are interested in a front end esthetically similar to what the fellows at cpanelgui.com have put out, but creativity will be nice. Anyone that that experience working with control panel design and programming should please email a resume to me directly at [email protected]. I will contacted those we are interested in with more information on our project. Thanks!