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    Web Server

    Guys i want to set up my own Web site with my Dell Poweredge 2590..
    I would also liek to host ohter sites as well as mine ..I wont be charging for the sites to be hosted so no billing software is needed..

    Could you please recommend some online guides to set up a server ..
    What Software would i need ??
    What OPS ??
    Bandwitdh needed etc??
    Hope you guys can answer some of that


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    This will be better answered in the Technical Forum. Moved.

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    You would probably want to go with a Linux operating system. Centos, Debian are good choices (though many people will have their own preferences).

    I assume you would be placing this server at a colocation provider?
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    CentOS 5 + cpanel will be a good choice.
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    OK Guys i have Red Hat Linux installed .

    What would be the next steps ? What software would i need to isntall in order to have PHP, MYsql and PHPmyadmin??

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    You will need apache or what it's called.

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