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    those desk(top)note(book) things..

    i'm thinking of getting one of these toys to play around with and see how they're doing. i have read many of the reviews and the problems have all been heaviness, heat, and the external battery/powersupply.

    these points however aren't really a problem for me, as, i will only be using it to play music live, as a secondary computer in my house and i would sometimes take it to a cafe to have some coffee and work on some new music, so i would always have it plugged into the wall anyways, so, i take the power supply with me wherever i go. i could care less about the battery, the heaviness is really no big deal as it only weighs 2pounds more than my compaq does, and the heat shouldn't be a problem, as, i'll never really use it on my lap, so, no sweaty legs from the exhaust from the huge fan to cool the cpu.

    i am interested in it, because, i can get the barebones cheap and use the spare parts i have sitting around the house (cpu + ram) to make a nice little workhorse out of it. and, the price is amazing for either the 928 or 929 (around $640 including shipping, no cpu, no ram, which, i already have here doing nothing.)

    i'm just curious if anyone has one, has experience with one, or hasn't even heard of it.

    i am open to any of the models, but, i'm thinking of the 928 or the 929 of course for the firewire and 4 usb ports (no more stupid usb hub dongle!). i have spare p4 and xp CPU + ddr ram at hand doing nothing. just to be safe though, for heat, i'm thinking the p4 would be the better bet.

    woohoo. let's hear it for new toys!
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