In light of the opening of our new site and two new locations, we are a feeling a bit too much happy and decided to give out some deals! provides game servers for Call of duty 4, Counter-strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source, Day of Defeat 1.6, Day of Defeat Source, Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2 and Unreal Tournament 3. There are value servers starting at just $1.50 per slot and pure performance servers that are "Done Right!" starting at just $3.25/slot.

Deal for WHT Members
Get 10% off every payment with the coupon code: WHTGamer
Offer only applies for game servers.

All servers (with the exception of Atlanta-located servers) are hosted on the what we have considered to be the best network available in the United States, Mzima. We chose Mzima over every other network because the Mzima has been proven to achieve the best routes which lead to the customer achieving the lowest possible ping. Just check it out for yourself.

We also have new prices available on our dedicated servers. Every server comes with 1500gb Mzima bandwidth, remote reboot access, initial game server configuration (then unmanaged) and will be setup within 24-72 hours.

Celeron-D 2.8ghz
160gb Sata2 Hard Drive
512mb DDR2 667
Only $119.99/month+$50 setup

Core2duo E6600
160gb Sata2 Hard Drive
2048mb DDR2 667
Only $160/month+$50 setup

2x Clovertown (8x1.66ghz)
250gb Sata2 Hard Drive
4096mb ECC Fully-Buffered
Only $369.99/month+$50 setup

2x Harpertown 5410 (8x2.33ghz)
250gb Sata2 Hard Drive
6gb ECC Fully-Buffered Ram
Only $449.99/month+$50 setup

Contact Info
Email: sales*at*
Online ticket:
IRC: #GDRServers (not a support medium)
Phone: 1-888-812-6747 (Open 4pm-2am EST)