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    Service, is what it is all about!

    Lost in Space Hosting is all about the service! I have had a resellers account with them for over three years and have never had an issue.
    Here is an example of how Lost in Space is willing to do what others are not.
    A client request to have their site transfered to my reseller account.
    I said sure no problem then they said we use Microsoft exchange and have an internal e-mail server.
    Within seconds I was able to relay all my clients questions and concerns onto Lost in Space Hosting and had immediate responses for my client.
    They didn't only make the process easy they made me look GREAT in-front of my client!
    Lost in Space hopped on my account with my permission and made the necessary changes for my client, all while explaining it to me in terms I could understand. All I can say is service, service service.

    Thanks guys,
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    It's always good to hear nice things about a provider, even more so when there's a decent amount of experience involved.

    Are you sure it's a good idea to share your customer's site publicly though? If you want us to, just hit the report button to have it removed.

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    Thanks for kind words and we're glad we could be of service.
    Josh Kennedy
    Lost in Space Hosting, Inc.

    "Hosting for the Next Millennium"
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