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    Lightbulb [For Hire] Level I/Level II Support - Part Time Position - Experienced and Energetic

    I am currently looking for a job at a serious firm as a Level I or Level II position. I am not in the market for a per-ticket basis of payment as I am not looking for a job to only make $100-$400 a month. If you're looking for cheap tech support, I'm not your guy. I'm looking for a wage position (or salary) of around $10/hour, but pay is negotiable.

    I currently attend school and I am in my Junior year of college at the University of South Carolina. Because of this, I am only looking for a part time job. A full time job is just not plausible for me at the moment because I need to be able to dedicate time to school and work.

    I am hardworking. A lot of people can say that, but are simply saying it. My past employers have all received numerous emails because I believe tickets should be handled in a timely manner and by someone with the proper ability to fix the issue, whether it be myself or a superior with greater access. I get the job done because it leaves me with a paycheck at the end of the day. I've been in charge of shifts and I've been able to make suggestions on how to handle services. I will go above and beyond. On top of this, I am an English Major and a Business Minor. I have run and will continue to run my own business. With me, you get the energy of a college student with the experience of someone much older. I've worked at our beautiful statehouse, and I've even worked on the floor of the SC House of Reps. I know how to conduct myself in a mature manner.

    Here are the hard facts:

    Five+ years hosting industry experience
    Experience as an owner and co-owner of web hosting business.
    Motivated for working with clients and solving their problems.
    People person with patience.
    Currently working on English degree with minor in Business Administration. English and communication is a strong point.

    Relevant Skills
    Served as owner of Crazy Technology and handled technical support, sales, and billing duties.
    Sales and Support duties at Nukehelpers Hosting.
    Served as technical support and limited server administration work at FastEZ Hosting. Remained in contact with server admin. and solved simpler issues such as restarting services. Also performed sales and billing duties.
    Served as sales manager at The Realms Networks. Handled basic support issues.
    Serving as CEO of Higher Purposes LLC. Performed sales, billing, and support duties. This includes basic server administration.
    Worked with cPanel and DirectAdmin alongside Red Hat, CentOS, and Fedora Core 5.

    Employment History
    2006-present Higher Purposes LLC CEO

    September 2004 - December 2004 The Realms Networks

    March 2004 - September 2004 Nukehelpers

    August 2003 - March 2004 FastEZ Hosting

    January 2003 - August 2003 Crazy Technology

    June 2007 - December 2007 Defender Hosting/PowerVPS Tier II Technician.

    December 2007 - Current Employed at a VPS provider.

    * I currently run my own webhost as well, I've been in business since June of 2006.

    Graduated #11 from Camden High School (top 5%).

    Junior at the University of South Carolina for a degree in English and a minor in Business Administration. 3.44 GPA.

    I know my way around Linux fairly well, have some Windows experience as well with basic issues. I learn on my feet and I'm not afraid to ask questions when I need help. Very familiar with cPanel and I've worked with multiple helpdesks. I have worked fairly extensively with Plesk and DirectAdmin as well. Interworx can be added to that mix as well. On top of that, I have experience with Webmin. If it's not listed here, I can learn it.

    I'm looking to start ASAP. I have the technical ability as well as the unique position of being an English major with excellent communication skills. Communication with the client is a strong point because I know the terms, but I also can manipulate our beautiful language to explain complex problems to the average person. I'm not afraid to go above and beyond, but again I'm looking for the right employer.

    I've had a bad experience and I want any potential to employer to understand you will get a fiercely loyal worker that would like to work with your firm for at least the next year and probably longer. However, I am looking for an employer that will pay me on time and will treat me as a human. With my last employer, that has been a bit of an issue.

    I've had a real issue with getting paid on time in the past. I've worked as a 1099 contractor previously and have suffered through waiting days just to receive a payment. I'd really like to find a position where I am employed versus contracted, but that's not a huge sticking point by any means.

    I'm available if you need to ask any questions or need anything else. References are available if needed.

    Thank you kindly for your time!

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    Still looking, will be happy to send in a full resume, cover letter, and references as needed. Looking for about 20 hours a week.

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