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    Scam/Thief Warning

    Recently I came in contact with someone by the name of Juan Nuno Raposo. He claims to own Host4PT, a Portuguese hosting company. I was told he was a teacher, and looking to sell around twenty clients.

    We exchanged a variety of information, and he provided plenty of proof such as financial statements, and more... everything seemed very legitimate.

    We exchanged information... and I made a bank-to-bank transaction. He remained in contact for a few days... and when I told him I was ready to move the customers over, he disappeared.

    Pretty sad that anyone would do this... but just a heads up for the rest. Hopefully no one finds themselves in a situation like mine. If anyone has any information as to what I can do to possibly get my money back, I'd love to hear it. This is pretty disappointing...

    Best of luck in all your business!
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    I think that that domain was sold (dunno if the clients also) to

    You can try to contact them to see if they can point you into the right direction.. Also another domain associated with this one can possibly be, but i am not sure of it.

    Best of luck

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