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    Arrow Seeking Partner of Sorts . . .

    I'm starting to sell free very basic websites, nothing with large bandwidth or file size.

    Long and short of it is I don't want the hassle of handling the hosting for any of these sites. I want these customers to be taken care of by a professional and get the service they need and deserve.
    I was a web host in the past and I've no interest in being one again. I know the hard work involved in running a web hosting company and for now I will leave that to someone else.

    However I do see the opportunity to offer hosting to these clients.

    So what I need is simple.

    1. a reseller setup of sorts so I can add domains etc and build the sites and get them live.

    2. a partner program that I can refer these clients to so they don't have to move the sites once purchased.

    3. to make a little something for sending the client your way.

    These clients will be easy to work with as their site is already built and ready to go.

    The plans you offer should be fairly cheap as I don't see these clients using more than at most 200MB of bandwidth yearly and that's on the high end.

    The sites loaded will be for resale only. I do not plan to host my own sites there.

    Some sites will be on there longer than others while I develop links etc to increase the sites worth. Some will be loaded up and sold immediately.

    Serious offers only. I prefer contact via PM.

    Thanks in advance for the help and I look forward to working with you.

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    This is something we would be interested in doing.

    Please PM me, after looking at my prices.


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