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    * Support (Live Chat, Ticket Support) & Sales

    My name is Jordan.

    Im looking for a position as a Support &/or a Sales rep,
    I live in Australia and available from 1-8PM GMT 9:30+ most days,
    I must get paid via PayPal and will work for either a dedicated payment or on a ticket basis (paid for what exactly you do).

    The company/business that wishes to higher me must already have been in action for 3 months (there are exceptions),
    You can be located anywhere in the world I will only work from my desktop.

    I have a US number which you can phone me Toll free or via MSN (WLM) or email and fax.

    I have about 1 year experience in cPanel & WHM, And the same with Linux & Windows, I know HTML, Parts of PHP & SSH.
    I know most answer to common user created problems,
    Id be best suited in a shared environment support.

    Id just like to mention I am only at the age of 14 (22,09,1993),
    I am past the legal age restriction for work.
    I am very mature & will complete my designated job on time without any fuss, If my age is a issue to you then please talk to me about it then.

    You can contact me via:
    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    Phone: 8669259627 (Toll free US)
    Fax: 8885836955 (Toll Free US)

    Before you contact me please post here that you are interested and post a link to your company's site.

    CEO Free-Vent

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    Are you familiar with windows control panel "Hosting Controller" ?

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    Sorry no,
    Only cPanel & WHM.

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