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    * getting client cc's from 2checkout & revecom

    Hello, can anyone explain me how to get client credit card info/billing addresses from 2checkount, revecom (or any other third-party payment processor) when you are moving to your own merchant account?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I would say you'd just ask your clients to complete the cc form again for the new system. I'm not aware of a method to export cc numbers from revecom or 2checkout. There might be though... Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Even of there was a way 9which there undoubtedly is), if either 2checkout or revecom had any morality and ethics about them, there would be no way they would just hand over people's credit card numbers. If they did that, what would be the point in secure transactions? Imagine the possibilites for online fraud that can potentially result, and imagine how much trouble these two companies could find themselves in if anything at all went wrong.

    You best bet is to get people to cancel their transactions with 2checkout and paysystems, and then get them to resubmit with your new merchant account. Time consuming? Yes probably, but for your customers own peace of mind, probably the better alternative. if i buy something from the net, using a CC, and that company then said to me "oh look we're just giveing your card number to someone else, even though you know them, it will be okay honest" I'd be slightly, well actually more than slightly, worried about that.

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    thx for info

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    Yes,..I would have to agree with reseller

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    Do you have the facility for a client to login and update their card details Tom, similar to Revecom's "Cardholder Centre"? Or what happens when a recurring client needs to change the card their vendor/host is charging? Just curious, and I did check your FAQ first.



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    Originally posted by TomD
    We not only would never pass out CC information, we do not even store it.
    I don't use 2checkout's service (I use Revecom) but how do you re-bill the customer on a reoccurring basis if you don't have note of the CC info to bill them with
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