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    Exclamation Help with broken server

    Hi my server has been experiencing problems ever since a lightning stike a few weeks age. 2 of the computers in the network will not communicate with the server.
    I have replaced all the cables and reset the server but the 2 computers still cannot communicate.
    5 other computers in close vicinity are all working.
    Can anyone help me..?

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    Try doing ping tests between the servers. Any dropped packets? Could be a friend router or network card causing the problem.
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    Tried pinging but no luck. no dropped packets but i'll try the network cards and router... any other things to check

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    Well, if you can't ping I'd say you have *alot* of dropped packets.

    -Check the switch ports. Are they getting link? Swap them to other ports.
    -Install a known good NIC and configure it. If good, replace original NIC.
    -Load a LiveCD distro and try pinging. If good, check OS firewall settings.
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