Want to sell my Layeredtech server (it works great but my needs have changed)

Asking: 475$ including 25$ transphere fee I pay (I originally paid 800$ setup)

send offers to: [email protected]

server specs:

2600 sempron
160gb drive
1gb ram
100mbit port
remote reboot
4000gb/month (note:you can use 4000gb upload, 4000 down or a mix)
windows web

It costs monthly, 18$ base, 10$ 100mbit port, 20$ win web = 48$/month

obviously you could choose to have the server reloaded to a free linux distro to lower your monthly payment... (but LT charges 50$ one time for this)

If you plan to use this server over atleast 8 months it's a great deal and the longer you keep it the more you save... server is easily worth 140 a month (it's hard to get extra bandwidth at a reasonable price so I'd say even more...)

these servers usually come with 1500gb bandwidth, and charge over 100$ for 1TB extra a month

Ping and speedtest : http://speedtest.layeredtech.com (Savvis DC)

server is in savvis DC in texas usa