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    allright as i decided to go with a reseller program ;

    i searched some reseller packeges and i see that has a real good offer ...
    but i need some feedbacks and info on that ...

    is that good? speed, support ? are there lotsa downtime ?

    i am currently a voxtreme normal user ...
    i decided to switch voxtreme reseller user but i see ...

    need ideas and info ..


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    uhmm i am trying to get ideas )
    i know prices are really good but some of the host get the money and go away lol ...
    or they go down for a long time ...
    i dont want to get any surprises ...

    just wanna learn if anyone tried it and have any idea ...


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    They seem to have really great prices. Makes me kind of weary.


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    e-starr is pretty good =) Amy who runs it is very devoted and takes care of all her clients. Downtimes are minimal if any and support is fast as well.

    there are a few companies around that are using reseller accounts from e-starr - and they seem to be doing great

    just my $0.02 (canadian )

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    uhmm also i need info about e-starr's connection speed ...
    may be u know voxtreme has a great connection speed ...

    its always top of my speed limits

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    Somebody mentioned on these forums it was Yupapa. Not sure.

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    I'm with Amy -- just a little while but overall well satisfied. The bandwidth is what I needed, not the price although that's a real plus. No, neither I nor my users will ever suck down that much bandwidth but I can COMMIT it to them. They're all going to be the next Amazondotcom, you know.

    Amy is responsive and pays attention to her people. There's a variety of ways to reach her. I don't know where she is (servers are Back East) but I've traded email with her long past midnight MST. Downtime has been negligible (maintenance only) and server response is plenty fast enough to satisfy me. I don't have a statistic to toss out because, frankly, I haven't had any reason to measure it.

    Just for the record: I also have accounts elsewhere, one at a highly rated UK company that's well-thought of in WHT forums, and I find Estarr's performance every bit as stable and support just as good as the best. Estarr is new, that's all. Like they say: the price will attract business, the service will keep it. Besides, I can buy a couple of month's worth for cheap and try it out before I commit customers. Put some domains on, take them off, mount some PHP and see how it flys. I think she's still got a half-price special going on.
    ~John Sinclair

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