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    billing/management software for dedicated hosts?

    Is there a billing, server/asset management type tool out there for dedicated hosting and possibly managed services? Such as something that perhaps tracks inventory, and allows the "customize your own server" type features?

    And not Ubersmith. I'd like to have it hosted locally.

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    Why is it so difficult to get an answer around here? I've posted this in three forums already and haven't gotten a decent response yet. Is there not a tool like this in the market? Are there tools like this but they are proprietary?

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    Maybe a bit more information

    Maybe if you'd provide a little more information as to exactly what you are trying to do and want the software to do.

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    Any/all of the following:

    1) Bill and invoice custoemrs (AuthorizeNet, Verisign, eChecks, etc...)
    2) Manage server hardware inventory
    3) Allow pre-defined and custom dedicated server packages, and have new packages depend on available inventory
    4) Track managed services time, including time each admin spends on each customer
    5) Track server bandwidth usage
    6) Order capturing and contract send-out
    7) A customize your own server type feature, as well as a "X number available" feature, all based on #2
    8) Software liscense management for server control panels

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    This sounds like your gonna need something custom.. Because I haven't heard of any software currently released that does all that...
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    web based or windows?

    Something like that could be done using Access in a week, including requirements, design, and testing.

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