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Thread: need advice

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    need advice

    Hi all there
    I joined this community by the will to learn more about webhosting etc and also to find a sollution to my problem...
    I need a server to upload content and improve my seeding skills to some trackers.My first thought was to order a dedicated but i saw that i couldnt pay as much as the hosting companies ask for to provide their service...
    So,i thought i would give a try with a vps .
    My first question is:Will a VPS really be a solution to my problem with seeding at ''hard'' trackers?
    And secondly,i want more experienced guys to provide me some info about the ideal companies etc.I know that by searching at google you can find some info...ive already done that,but i havent found spesific answers about what im asking above.I can afford the cost of 50$/month...maybe a little more...
    Thx in advance for the interest and possible answers.

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    Seems you have nice budget for VPS. But first of all you need to understand what you need exactly. I mean space, bandwidth, RAM, CPU etc. Once you know those requriments visit VPS secrion in Asdverising forums here. And then you understand that for the same $50 you can get absolutely different solutions. Grab your own shrt list and ask presales questions, compare reviews etc.
    Hope in wekk or so you will be expert and get your own VPS.
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    Any VPS should work well as a seedbox. If you can, get utorrent running on Linux, as it's by far the most efficient client.
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    First you gotta make sure your provider allows any kind of torrent activity. Some hosts (even if they are legal torrents) do not want to deal with torrents in general.
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    Thank you all for your answers.
    I have read some posts from this site and others concerning VPS as a seedbox for torrents.
    If someone has tested a VPS of a company and was satisfied with it i would really like him to post here or PM me for more info.
    I prefer European ones...not American neither Asian...I know some Asian providers have good service but is a bit away from Athens-Greece(i live there)and this will pingy for me...
    Anyway,thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevworks View Post
    First you gotta make sure your provider allows any kind of torrent activity. Some hosts (even if they are legal torrents) do not want to deal with torrents in general.
    Exactly. I hate to be on a VPS when my neighbours are seeding because of how much CPU time the torrent clients use, and how taxing they are with disk I/O -- a torrent client basically puts the disk head all over the place when it tries to serve up different sections of a large file. That means higher IO latency for other VPS on the same host node, which means higher load for them, which means less happy neighbours.

    Get a cheap dedicated server and there are plenty under $50/month. You can have the entire disk.

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    K ill keep that in mind

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