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    Regulating use of cpu and ram

    I was wondering how companies that oversell Like bluehost regulate the use of their servers? I noticed a customer of theirs would get suspended for "using to much CPU or Ram" but they would be unsuspended after a short time. I noticed in some companies TOS they say if you use 35% of the server for more than three min. you will be suspended for X amount of time. I have looked everywhere and I can not find anyone who knows how this was done. Does anyone know how they do this?

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    Depends the software they are using. Every process on both Windows and Linux can have its resources tracked using the built-in kernel data structures. For the non-geek, the Operating System keeps track of how long each process ran on a CPU, how much RAM it has and which user on the system started the process.

    There are also all sorts of virtual servers from VMWare, Xen to Qemu that can be configured to do just about anything. Since Xen and Qemu are open source, anyone with a bit of skills in C and lots of time can easily write hook functions into the code that simply write this info to a log, data base or socket (send it to another program running on the box or across the Internet).
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