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    New Script Release: Start your own News Search Engine

    We would like to introduce our latest product called "News Search Engine"

    This PHP script is a news search engine which crawls known news sites (XML/RSS) every 2 hours. News are added to a mysql database to provide search functionality.


    + Full source code so you can edit the HTML
    + Crawls xml/rss feeds and adds the data t your mysql database
    + Searches the database to create search results
    + Auto-deletes news which are older than 30 days
    + Checks for duplicate news (within the source domain)
    + No maintenance required as everything is automated

    + PHP 4+
    + cron jobs
    + 1 mysql database

    Price: US$ 50.00 per domain

    The first four buyers will receive the product 50% OFF (US$ 25 instead 50). PM me for payment details as I will have to process this manually. No review copies available.

    Resale rights are available on our product page.

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    Since I cannot edit the old post:

    There is of course a admin tool to add / remove sources.

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