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    Which Windows Operating System To Get for DB Server?

    I need to get a dedicated sql server 2005 box and am not sure the best operating system. These are my choices:

    Windows Server 2003 Enterprise - 32 bit
    Windows Server 2003 Enterprise - 64 bit
    Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise - 32 bit
    Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise - 64 bit

    This is the server I'm thinking of getting -
    Dual Woodcrest Series - SATA Dual Intel Woodcrest 5130 Dual Core Processors 2 x 500GB Hard Drive 4096 MB RAM

    Any Recommendations?

    Currently, I have my IIS web server and sql server 2005 on the same machine and it's just too bogged down. That one runs windows 2003 standard 32 bit on a Dual Xeon 2.8GHz Processor 2 x 80GB Hard Drive 4096 MB RAM

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    For SQL Server assuming that you will only be running that get 64bit 2003 Enterprise. You really can't go too wrong and you don't have enough memory to exhaust any of those options.

    The 64bit may help a bit but if you are REALLY serious about DB speed perhaps go for SAS / SCSI with more drives instead of 2 larger 500gb drives.

    Do this.

    Raid-1 with 2 36gb drives for the transaction logs and Raid 5 with 3 or more servers or if you can afford it Raid 10. Either way if possible split OS from trans logs from DB. Same is true for Oracle as well.

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    Why do you need the enterprise edition?

    Windows 2003 Standard X64 will run it just fine, why do you need enterprise?

    Unless you going to be using a SAN and having it setup as a cluster. However thats expensive in terms of SQL Licenses!

    If your machine is getting bogged down on your current hardware, you might also look at 8GB of ram in addtion to the good advice from Coolraul

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    No need to go with Enterprise server edition. Standard edition will do it. and yeah Enterprise server edition with sql server license will be too much costly.

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    Get Windows 2003 Standard with 64 bit running SQL 2005 will be 3 times faster than under 32 bit, everything being equal. No need for Enterprise versions unless you need their features. Microsoft is rich enough

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    The reason why I need enterprise rather than standard is because standard can only handle a max of 4 gb ram.

    I'm running into that problem on my current machine which has 2003 standard 32 bit.

    I'll get the enterprise version for an extra $15/mo to handle more ram if I need it down the road which right now I don't but like having the option

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    Windows 2003 Standard X64 can handle more than 4GB. 32GB i think the limit it.

    I have a box from Softlayer with 4x4Cores 32GB of ram running Windows 2003 Standard X64.

    You only need Enterprise to do more than 4GB if you are running PAE aka 32/36bit


    Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard x64 Edition, supports up to 32 GB of RAM on 1- to 4-way servers.
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