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    Arrow Server load issue, 2 sites on one server

    Hi guys

    I am facing a strange issue with two RPG games sites that i am hosting on a 2GB ram server with softlayer, each of these sites was running on a 512MB VPS and they were doing fine but i decided to move them to better server so things run smoother when each has 50+ members online.

    So the issue is when i have around 40 online members on each site, they start coughing up mysql errors, sometimes the sites just hang and stop loading, server load goes up to 3 or 4 but memory usage remains around 40%, I also notice that mysql uses the most of the CPU usage, around 75%

    What i probably need is for someone to identify the cause of this, can it be an attack of some sort? or is it probably some code issues in the sites? do you recommend anyone that can have a look at this?

    Thanks allot.

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    Log into MySQL and issue this command: show variables;

    You're looking for max_connections. If it's lower than the number of users trying to access the database service at once, you'll get errors like what you've described.

    You can change this value within your my.cnf file. It's likely either at /etc/my.cnf or /etc/mysql/my.cnf (or something like that).
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