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    Awesome website for sale!

    Well, due to other projects, I am forced to put my design up for sale.

    What is for sale:
    -PNG Files
    -JPG Files
    -GIF Files
    -4 Folders of content
    -Personalized Reviews
    -SHTML Files
    -Back end form scripts

    This all comes with the website. The website is written in SSI which makes for extreme ease of updating, and creating new pages. I myself do not have to support it, and I do not want this to go to waste.

    This is a gaming website, and has about 25-30 pages already. I will prepare this website for a new owner, and I will sell everything out the door.

    I no longer can put forth 110%, therefore I am just going to sell this website.

    Feel free to ask for a few more views of the web page. I can show you screenshots of whatever you want on this website.

    I am taking offers for it. I will accept payment in the mail, money order, check, paypal, 2checkout.

    This is a truly awesome website. I hope I can find someone out there to make it as popular as it once was.

    In its prime, it had 2500 unique hits throughout its network.

    If I can find a buyer now, I am almost positive I can get all 6 of its current network sites to stay aboard.

    PM ME
    [email protected]

    -Josh Odmark

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    Sure, np.

    Should get them tomorrow morning, 12pm est.

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