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    Hostnuclear Image Competition Results.

    Latest Update.

    I am meeting with the client on Monday.

    I will have his decison on the winner of the Competition on that day. There will be no more delays with the results as on Monday he is meeting me to show me his new projects which I have to photograph.

    The winner will be announced in this forum at WHT and

    on Monday Night Tuesday morning at the latest. Money will be paid to the winner Tuesday at the latest.

    My apologies for the delay but you must understand my client does not even use a computer.

    We have had some interest in the competition but the client would like to see some more entries before making a decision.
    Details here


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    Competition Winner.

    Thankyou everyone who entered.

    The client made his decision,

    Vito is the winner. $50 Paid

    His work was good, but also he went further and did more than was asked, he was easy to work with and made changes to the layout without complaint.

    Thankyou Vito.

    More Competitions Coming

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    Thank you, Nicholas.
    Payment has been received. I enjoyed working with you.

    Vito - Flash tutorials since 2002 - 5,300+ Flash tutorials for hosting companies, incl. Voice tutorials

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