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    Rack11 Looking for sales and Support

    Rack11 Hosting is looking for sales and support reps. These positions are remote based. You must speak English as your FIRST language, sorry no exceptions.

    Job Description:


    You will be responsible for monitoring the live chat, and pre-sale support tickets / emails. You will also monitor the general support ticket section, and change them to the appropriate department or handle them your selves if possible.


    You will be responsible for all support related tickets. You will be responsible for configuring our servers. You will also be on the live chat under support. You will be responsible for installing 3rd party applications, and managing our clients servers per there requests along with proactive management.

    We have a 30 minute response time grantee, so you must be able to respond to all tickets on your shift within 30 minutes.

    Payment Details:

    - Sales and Support DOE.

    Payment will be made via PayPal or check by mail, bi-monthly (every 2 weeks.)

    Technical Skills For Support Staff:

    - Great understanding of cPanel, RVSkin, Fantastico, Helm, and Plesk.
    - Great understanding of the most common FTP and Email clients.
    - Ability to use our Staff CP to preform OS reloads (fully automated), and other things of that nature.
    - Ability to install 3rd party applications
    - Ability to manage servers pro-actively

    Technical Skills For Sales Staff:
    - Bring in 10 sales a month or more.
    - Ability to interact with clients and make them feel "special".

    Personal Skills:

    - Ability to work under pressure and meet response times.
    - Highly motivated to go above and beyond to help clients, and make them feel like you care (you SHOULD care about them )
    - Over 15 if in US, or 16 if in Europe(unless your country has another law).

    - Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
    - Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
    - Excellent spelling, punctuation and overall grammar.

    How to Apply:

    Please send an email to jobs[at] with "Sales/Support Application" as the subject and be sure to include the following information:

    - Resume outlining your work experience and skills.
    - References from other Web Hosting companies or personal references.
    - Your local time zone and preferred working hours.

    We are looking for about 4 sales reps and 4 support techs.


    Christian Kight

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    Please do not contact me if your an outsource company. I'm not interested. Thanks,

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    Hello Christian,

    I am not an outsourcer, I am an indiviual. I have added you to msn, My msn is stokesandrew[@]

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    email sent with required information.

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    Waiting for your mail

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    sorry.. email received.
    if ($life == "fair") {exit;}else ($life = "1") {$reality_sets_in = 1;
    $server_cost = relative";
    $shared_host = $bye - $bye;}

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    Email Sent

    I sent you an email as requested. My name is Chris and I would like to work with your company. Please contact me as soon as possible,

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    Thanks everyone I am not currently looking for any more support staff, just sales!

    Thanks to those who've applied and been accepted so far .

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    I'm interested.

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