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    HELM 3 windows server security issues

    My server recently got hacked and deface. I would like to get a windows server admin expert to secure my server again. I believe the hacked tooked place by excute a script on one of the domain. What they did was creating index.* and default.* in every folder we have on our HD. I was able to delete all the bad files and restore the sites. But i need help to secure it again.

    We run Helm 3
    Merak mail 8
    and msdns

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    Please check,PM sent.

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    paulhuynh, I have sent a PM will be glad to assist you.
    Sstarshining [at]
    Hyper-V / Websitepanel / Plesk / Helm 4/3 /Control Panel Setup, Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting
    Server Managment,Websitepanel,Helm Migrations, Security & Hardening.

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    Hi Paul

    Did you find a solution? My server has recently been attacked and websites defaced as well. What was the script that was used?

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