Kaifong.net Hosting has more servers being loaded up again and this time we're selling managed, high end virtual private servers for a low price!

This is a special offer and is custom! You need to contact us at our helpdesk or PM to grab this!

Here's the specs:

Shared CPU (up to 2.4GHz burstable)
100GB Web space
1000GB bandwidth on 100mbps line
512MB guaranteed RAM
2GB burstable RAM
2 dedicated IPs
HyperVM/openVZ powered
LXAdmin Free! (optional)

Price: $49.99/month

- $0.99/GB space
- $25/200GB bandwidth
- cPanel/WHM: $10/month
- Fantastico: $5/month (only with purchase of cPanel!)
- DirectAdmin: $7/month
- ServerCP: $5/month
- IPs: $1/each

What's included in the managed service?

We will take care of setting up your server and if you did not purchase a control panel, we will compile Apache/PHP/MySQL/Bind for you if you wish. We will also install the necessary server hardening software to ensure your VPS is secure. We also update the OS with new updates/patches once they are released.

We do NOT, however, support 3rd party software issues.

What's not allowed?

We strictly do not allow IRC apps, torrents, warez linking/hosting, fraud sites, or adult material.

Why get a VPS, and not a dedicated server for this price?

With the VPS, you can rely on fast servers to run your services, and you don't have to pay more for running a server and managing your VPS is much easier with the OpenVZ/HyperVM control panel.

By using our VPS services, we will manage and take care of issues you may encounter.

And of course, we do NOT oversell our servers.
They are fully upgraded servers which will be ready in a couple days to host your VPS!

Ready to grab one ahead of time?

PM me or contact sales @ http://www.kaifong.net/order/submitticket.php.