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    How to set PHP file in cron on Plesk server

    Just wondering if anyone has done this before.

    Write a PHP script that needs to be run once a day. How would you place such a file in cron so that it is run once a day.

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    Just install php*tar.gz in the home folder of a user like /home/username/php with the following commands.
    $tar -xzvf php*tar.gz
    $./configure --prefix=/home/username/php/justphp
    $make install

    Now your may run php scripts like this
    $/home/username/php/justphp/bin/php filename.php


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    Say you are user poornam and you want to run a php program(say from cron and output the results to a file /home/poornam/phptest2

    SSH into the system as poornam
    create a file (say /home/poornam/cronjob)

    Add the folllowing lines to it

    [email protected]
    0 * * * * /usr/bin/wget -O/home/poornam/testphp2

    The above syntax means that at the start(0) of every hour(*) of every day(*) of every month(*) of every year(*), wget will run the exp.php and output the contents to testphp2. And when this runs, it will send a mail to

    [email protected]
    Save the above file

    now run crontab /home/poornam/cronjob

    This will automatically add it to cron and execute it at the designated time
    If you do not want to output the results anywhere simply omit

    To view the contents of cron simply type crontab -l
    to remove tasks from cron simply type crontab -r

    Say you are user root and you want to run a system critical php program(say every hour from cron and output the results to a file /home/poornam/phptest2 here's what you do

    ssh into the system as root
    create a file say( /etc/cron.hourly/phpcron)
    Add the folllowing lines to it


    /usr/bin/wget -O/home/poornam/testphp2
    save and chmod to 755
    Here cron automatically reads /etc/crontab , detects all scripts in /etc/cron.hourly (in our case phpcron) )and executes them
    For hourly , daily, weekly and monthly, store your scripts in /etc/cron.hourly, /etc/cron.daily, /etc/cron.weekly, /etc/cron.monthly respectively
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    Besides wget, you could probably use lynx.
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    Thanks for all the help I'll be sure to try it out and report back

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