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    Game Design

    hi Everyone!

    I'm looking for someone to build me a design AND code it. I will need a preview of the design before you code it to let you know what i'm thinking. I will give a sample stylesheet of what my current script is using. I would like it to follow it as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE.

    the game is about hacking computers, so it needs to have a techie look to it. Heres' what the game is about to give you a better feel for it

    The Cypher project (also known as “The Cypher War” is a online browser-based game that is based upon the concept of hacking and phreaking. (Mostly banks, ATMs, making fake credit cards using other people’s names.) The Point of the game is to hack for money and get respect in the online world. Respect is earned through hacking and destroying others (Non-player characters and Real Players) PCs, Servers, Main Frames, etc…

    To begin you get a P.O.S. PC that you find in the basement of the house you just bought. Its stats are: 1.2 GHz processor with 256MB of RAM, 10GB HDD. This computer EVERYONE will get when they start the game.

    To hack ATMs’ you must purchase a Laptop or a High-end PDA. The more weight you carry the more time it takes to hack it and more able to get caught.

    Banks are hacked at any wi-fi Cage via your laptop, same with hacking all “special” missions. So it will take less time to get caught from this location.

    At home is for most of the PVP hacking will occur except for “The Cypher War” in which they will face other players to hack a Super Computer in order to win the Prize!

    “The Cypher War” is when anyone who enters can compete against everyone else who entered to hack a Super Computer. The first place winner will win the grand prize (TBD) and Second and Third place will receive a lesser prize (TBD)

    Each person will need to build stats to increase the speed of hacking, programming, etc and to lower the time of being caught! These Stats are as follows: Typing, programming, networking and hacking.

    Computer stats + Personal Stats = How fast it takes to hack and how long your “trace” time is.

    If caught you will get the maximum of one real day in jail (unless, of course, someone “busts” you out).

    Factions: A group of hackers that can do massive damage to banks when successfully doing a faction mission. (More to build later)

    When a person programs software, it will only work on their PC. If they buy or upgrade their NIC/modem they will need to rebuild the software.

    Backing up the source code of the software programmed is optional to each person. As they can re-upload any damaged files or transfer the program to another computer with ease. Once compiled on a PC, the software will ONLY work on that particular PC.

    Programming – The higher your programming and typing statistics are the faster and smaller the program will be (and the time it takes the program to compile will also decrease with better statistics of the PC)


    You buy a house and walking around inside you notice a door leading downstairs. You go downstairs and find a box lying in the corner. Curious as you are, you open the box up and find an old PC, with all the peripherals needed to get it started, along with a few old notebooks! You take the box upstairs and setup the computer on your makeshift computer desk (the living room floor) and cross your fingers when you press the power button. After 3 beeps, the PC boots up and shows a man with a red hat on the screen. You think to yourself “I know this guy…. I believe this is Red hat Linux.” You look back at the tipped over box and think to yourself, “I wonder what kind of information is in the notebooks.” You glance at the covers and they say “Hacking Businesses, Hacking People, and Programming”. Curious, you flip through the “hacking businesses” and a piece of paper falls out. You toss the notebook aside and read the paper. On it, it explains to you how to get a free dial-up account for life. Simplistic as the piece of paper sounded, you start doing as the instructions say, and after 20 minutes of trying to figure out to hook up the modem to your phone line, you finally hear the annoying sounds of the buzzing, squealing, and beeping until utter silence and the “You are connected at 56Kb/s” shows up at the bottom of your screen. You look at the notebooks and realize how much information they hold. You pick up (List Choices) and begin reading….

    After the choice is made your stats will increase by 10 (depending on the book you choose), and to learn more (or increase your stats) you must order from hackerscenter.asu and spend time/energy to learn.

    Energy: When you’re at home you have “dial-up” time. When you’re out at the café your using battery life!

    Ram- 256MB, 512MB, or 1GB (speeds vary)
    HDD – 10GB, 20GB, 40GB (speeds vary)
    CPU/MOBO combo: 1.5GHz, 2.0, 2.4, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6 (Dual core and dual processors available as well)
    Network Card (for WIFI availability)
    Cases for better airflow
    USB-sticks for backing up data

    Will need a logo as well!


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    I am interested. Please email me at cloned_madman @, or add me on msn with the same email address.

    Best Regards,

    Sam Sherar

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    This positioned has been filled ! Thanks everyone!!

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