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    how to start promoting

    hey there..lets say i want to start a Job Site....i have the website set up and do i get companies to come and start posting jobs and stuff like that ?

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    hi-i think you will have to contact employers locally and let them know that you have a site that they can list job openings on. its just a matter of getting the word out i believe. if other people see this thread and respond, im sure there are many other suggestions as well. thanks-and good luck.

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    I agree, concentrate on the local market, then maybe look at expanding.

    The problem here is you have some very large competitors ... tough to get a piece of the action unless you have a niche market.

  4. Kinetx.. as tomll said you will have to localy contact
    for that thing.. Other thing you may also make calls to
    companies.. from your local area or region.. or state..

    It will take time.. but you will surely progress..

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    Try to use direct email marketing. Just send incantations to companies, that could be interested in your service, to register on your site.

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    thanks for the help and sugestions guyz...i was thinking at calling or even posting an ad in a local newspaper..

  7. Posting in local newspapers is nt bad though..
    U can also buy some mailing list of your country or state..
    you can find the list by paying some small $
    just search over google..

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    Run ad on the frelancer forums.
    Try to find places with low prices and high trafic. I believe that target audience for your web site must be everywhare.
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    Well also having unique content will help, even just a few informative articles to start with


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    Quote Originally Posted by KinetiX View Post
    thanks for the help and sugestions guyz...i was thinking at calling or even posting an ad in a local newspaper..
    That could be a nice starting point to reach your local market. You may also want to try PPC so as to reach more target market. - Internet Marketing and SEO

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    Have you considered offline promotion such as local newspapers and local radio stations?

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