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    What about buying hosting clients?

    Will it best to buy hosting clients from the companies who not continue their hosting business?

    And If I am in Asia so will it be best to buy the celints who is in Asia or there will be no probelm the celints fom USA, Eroup etc?

    What is best experiance you have / suggesting to buy the clients?


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    1st of all - I dont think that buying someone's else client is a good step. If they are customers of bankrupt company - they would lost trust to new owner etc etc.

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    Why do you want to buy clients? Are you hoping that will help jumpstart your business? Sometimes, it is easy to buy clients / hosting companies at the end of summer when schools start up (teenagers start a company but then cannot maintain it while in school).

    Getting your own customers is usually a better way - they are yours and they don't feel like that are forced on to you.

    If you have enough money to buy clients - you might consider putting that money into advertising or other methods to let the customers come to you.

    As far as your location, it might matter to some people. Some won't ever know and some won't care. A lot of people - where can they get the best deal. Focus on customer support and maybe reward your customers if they refer others.

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    Speaking from personal experience, do what you want in your own country. Don't go in the USA / Canadian market. It will piss off your members and will leave instantly. Looking at your grammar, and overall sense of professionalism, stay in india. (not a racist flame)

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