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    To carry over the sucsess of our first month where having a march sale! all servers have a 10mbps unmetered port and free setup.

    to test the speed of these servers we have a ping ip
    and a speed test here

    Pentinum4 1.5Ghz
    512mb ram
    40Gb HDD
    10mbps port

    Celeron 2.4GHz
    512Mb Ram
    60Gb HDD
    10Mbps port

    Pentinum4 2.4 GHz
    512mb ram
    80 Gb HDD
    10mbps port

    Pentinum4 Dual core 3.0ghz
    2GB ram
    250Gb HDD
    10mbps port

    Dual xeon 3.06GHz
    2Gb ram
    250 Gb HDD

    Xeon-Quad core
    2Gb Ram
    250Gb HDD
    10mbps port

    avalible control panel
    cpanel $20
    plesk $5.95
    direct admin $7.96
    server cp $4.95
    virtuozzo $30

    centos free
    fedora free
    free bsd free
    windows os web edition $14.95
    standard edition $24.95
    enterprise edition $34.95
    datacenter edition $69.95

    additonal ram
    512mb ram $10/month
    1gb ram $15/month
    2Gb ram 425/ month

    hdd upgrades
    80 Gb $4.90
    160 Gb $9.80
    250 Gb $14
    500 Gb $19
    750 Gb $38
    1tb $48
    Raid 0/1/5 $19.95

    additional ips (block of 10) -$5
    multiple c class ips (256) - $100

    $0 setup on all
    Any questions feel free to ask

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    hello sir do u accept IRC?

    Wow fantastic prices!

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    error here also

    2Gb ram 425/ month

    suppose to be a $

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    Is your network ddos protected?

  5. Hi there i keep missing shift sorry the price is $25

    @ labog & file_wizard the answer is yes

    if you have ant more quries open a support ticket and il help you out

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    Ordered server.

  7. thanks for your order where waiting for your pm reply

    to order the servers go to

    and select sale servers

    average setup time is 24-48hours

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    Dec 2007
    Don't think that Burstnet allows IRC ..

  9. read our reviews at here

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    Ordered a dedicated, no updates yet!

    I ordered a server and its been more than 2 days now. No updates on the site and no emails back. I emailed support and also opened a ticket - no responses!

    Can you please update me on the status?

  11. we responded to both emails and tickets and i just emailed you again :-) seems burst are being slow this weekend, sorry for the wait we'll make sure you recive your logins as soon as we get them

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    Thanks! will keep a lookout for the login info!

  13. We sent your comfirmation details erlier

    enjoy your server

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