I am looking for someone who is good at Window 2003 administration...
  • .NET Framework (1/2/3)
  • ASP / PHP / Perl / ColdFusion / FrontPage Extension
  • MS SQL 2005 / MySQL v5
  • MailEnable
Also, good at HostingController as that is the control panel I am using. I would require you to secure the server, optimize it and help me configure HostingController.

This is a one time job and if you perform good I will contact you for further setups I may require.

To apply, send me a PM with your experience with above servers and platforms and HostingController (ofcourse). If you have any referrals for the past work you have done, please let me know.

Also, dont as me to send you an email or PM as I wont be visiting WHT for another week or so (too busy with this new business).