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    Reccomendation & Ques.

    Hey, one of my friends who's on here quite a bit told me to post my question to see what the experts had to say ... I have been reading old posts, but I was hoping for a custom answer and some up to date recomendations...

    I'm starting a new company that's using it's website as a central accounting system for processing orders among it's national reps as well as providing company information and email. There's also going to be a second site dedicated to customers providing account information and standard services. My questions are:

    - What speed equipment would be required for a low to medium flow site that hosts email for up to 1000 reps and account information for unlimited number of accounts (account history etc, for starters I don't anticipate more than 300 accounts within the first year) (PHP and MySQL based)

    - Should I house the email server seperately or would it be fine on the one with the sites.

    - Should the two sites be on seperate servers

    - Any reccomendations for dedicated hosting companies that offer admin services?

    Thanx for the help guys...

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    Eh xav.. send me a PM on yahoo, you know my ID.. Mouse

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    Whether you go for 1/2 servers really should be looked at the point of view from how much you could afford one going down. My recommendation would be to seperate the public and private web sites on different servers, for security, and run backup mail on the public web server.

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