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    Disk /dev/sda5 (/var) 96 %

    Good day All

    the Disk /dev/sda5 (/var) 96 % Full

    What I do

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    I would go into your /var directory and see exactly what is in there. If there are unneeded items located in there, delete them
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    It is probably your log files pilling up. When is the last time you cleared your logs?

    cd /var/log

    ls -al

    If you see something like ....

    You can probably either back these up to another source, or delete them using rm -rf *.1 and so on. You may be able to use rm -rf *.* But I am not sure what else you have in there, so do it wild-card.number to make sure you delete only what you need.

    To clear any other log files that are NOT backup's, but hold useless data you no longer need, do the following

    > logfilename

    Then cat logfilename to ensure the log has cleared.

    I hope this has helped you in some way or another.

    Good luck, and take care!

    In the future, you could also automate this log file deletion process by setting up a shell script for as a cron job. However, I choose to backup my log files to an external source, In my case another linux server at home running sshd.

    Script I wrote:

    #tar up your files
    tar -czvf logbackups.tgz /someother/directory

    #Transfer the files - Note this will prompt you for a password of the remote box, So try and create a RSA key, store it locally, and remotely.
    scp -P 22 /someother/directory/logbackups.tgz [email protected]:/home/backups/

    echo "Log Backups Complete" | mail -s "Backup Completed!" Youremailhere.tld

    Now that will, or should work for you!

    I hope I was able to shed some light on your problem. Good Luck!
    Kind Regards,
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