I am looking for a good cgi password protect script AND ESPECIALLY a "send password" or forgot password cgi script.

Or, if these functions both come in the same cgi script, that would be all the better. I've spent hours on this and I have yet to find a "forgot password" script - at all!

Here's the scenario - I've created a basic support desk using cgi (client can type in their problem and error message, click send and it emails me of their problem or concern)

I want this to be a protected area, so I want to set up a password protect interface so they can type in their account name and password to place a support call.

I also want my clients to have the option of clicking on a link that will send them their password (if they've forgotten it) to their email address on file IF they already know their account name and can type that in.

I have found many good password protect scripts that would work fine for the protection part BUT I cannot a script that will send a password to someone if they've forgotten it and can provide an account name.

I know these are out there being used by the thousands but I cannot find the code anywhere!

Since I can't write it from scratch myself, I'm in a dilemma.

Can anyone help me out with finding a good "send password" script AND a good password protect script?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Robin Ray