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    Exclamation Stay away from rajinfosolu on Getafreelancer

    I've been waiting nearly two weeks now for a basic code in which he made me paid $100 for upfront and has yet to provide anything to me (was supposed to be done in two days). He constantly has excuses for why the work is not done. He asked me to pay via, most likely because after you send payment and he picks it up theres no way to get it back. He also constantly asks for more and more money even though he never provided anything to me. So please stay away from this provider, and hopefully he will either provide the code or refund something soon.
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    Unfortunately this stuff happens. I've been burnt many times. The last was a script I bought for $2000 and found out that the seller was making minor adjustments and reselling it again over and over.

    Internet is full of crooks I'm afraid.


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    I think that before you buy something you need to learn portfolio and feedbacks. I will never go with web design or coding company whilst I get info to be sure.
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    If you're dealing with a large sum of money, you have to do your research. Contact the person's previous employers.
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    According to Getafreelancer's rating system, rajinfosolu has a rating of 9.85 out of 10 with a total of 13 ratings. Maybe your case is an exception?
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