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    Enom Support

    Hi all,
    I'm tring to request API access for my reseller account. Filling a form on their Support Center, but I never get succeeded to submit my request. Always failed after I click "Submit" button, usually the formm ask another question for confirmation, but I never had it done.

    Used to submit wihtout problem. Any body experience this issue?

    Thank you

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    When you submit a support request, you have to submit it "twice". The first time, after you finish typing the ticket and click "submit", the system looks up possible matches in their knowledgebase. Then you have to click the "submit" button again, to acknowledge that there were no answers that appears in the knowledgebase, and that you want to submit the ticekt into the system.

    Hope that helps.
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    eNom support has always been prompt with me. The API access thing took 30mins for them to respond and say it's done. I was fairly surprised

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