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    Arrow PHP script that automatically update the script remotely


    I have my own PHP News Script.

    I need a PHP script that automatically update the script remotely to users who already bought it.

    users from their admin panel can see the new update version and start updating.

    The script should do this:
    - download and extract the package .zip file and replace all current files.
    - give the right permissions (0777) .

    the update process should use the three methods:
    fopen , curl, ftp. so user can pick one.

    - if you have a bitter method we can use it.

    PHP licensing :

    i want to issue license to users who buy my script.
    license based on their Domain Name.

    licenses are issued from my server, and checking will be using an API.

    you will need to crate a code and use it in the News Script, so this code each time call the API and check wither the domain has license or not.

    for more information pm/email me.

    payment via PAYPAL.

    the easy can be hard.
    Mohammed Ahmed - ME. Palestine
    Email/MSN: [email protected]

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    For the php licensing, you might consider It works very well.
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    If the project is still alive, please contact me via PM!

    Thank you

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