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    eservers email problem :(

    Hi all

    I've been to email [email protected]

    but everytime i email him it never goes through. it was going through last week, and the week before

    Its important that my mail does go through to him

    after seeing that he didnt reply to my emails for days, i pm'ed him on wht and he told me he didnt get my emails

    we ran a series of tests
    and he doesnt seem to get my emails
    well I guess he does, but its REALLY slow.

    e.g. i ll mail him, and it gets to his inbox a day later
    or 2 days later

    i just now ,emailed him from my ISP ACCOUNT. TOTALLY DIFFERENT network, ips, etc)

    i pm'ed him asking if he got it. he told me he didnt get that either


    I was going to PM him just now, asking him if i could start a little thread in the lounge, asking people to send a test email to [email protected] -- but his inbox is full. sigh. its like i have no way to contact him what so ever.

    so that is why im asking, could some people just send a test email to [email protected] and hopefully shazad will stumble upon this thread and let us know if he got them

    If he does not get your emails, atleast i am helping him out by letting him know that he is loosing emails, some may be very important to him.

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    I just sent them a test e-mail and they received it right away. They even replied back. Maybe it is a problem on your end?

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    i dont understand how its a problem on my end

    I sent from my isp account ( 216.221.81.* )
    i sent email from a mail server at rackshack that is on 207.218.219.*
    i sent email from a mail server at rackshack that is on 64.246.


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